Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment For Hair Loss, Hair Damage, and Regrowth

Men and women of all countries and races have faced the tragedy of hair loss. The reason to hair loss is a subject of argument between two doctors. While one agrees with a reason, the other disagrees so they have their own opinion with the hair fall treatment.


Major cause of hair fall

  • Hormone-related problems
  • Complication or side effects of other diseases
  • Intake of medications
  • Nutritional deficiencies and more
  • Healthy hair is the sign of healthy body

Today, in this modern world, hair fall have become a common problem for both men and women. Ayurvedic Hair fall treatment is widely accepted and it is getting popular. The Ayurveda approach to hair fall is beneficial for the overall health of the body. Ayurveda is becoming a successful alternative to treat hair fall problems. It is effective, safe and affordable.

What is Pitta dosha according to Ayurveda?

Excess of pitta dosha (elements of fire) in the body causes hair loss. Pitta dosha can occur due to hot climatic conditions, more than recommended cup of coffee or tea, excessive intake of salty, oily and spicy food, alcohol consumption, smoking and eating meat. According to Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment, eating Pitta balancing food and bitter vegetables are effective in treating hair fall.

 Treatment approach of Ayurveda

The tissues responsible for the growth of bone are responsible for the hair growth. A person who is prone to pitta is prone to hair loss.

  • Clues of diagnosis, understanding the main cause of hair fall
  • Changing diet and food style as a precaution and medicine
  • Support and self-care

Regular physical exercise, proper diet, self-care and a good amount of sleep improves hair growth. The Hair fall treatment in Ayurveda is very effective and it alters the imbalances of the body.


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