What Does Ayurveda Say About Piles And Its Treatment?

The Piles is the swelling of veins and enlarged blood vessels situated inside or outside the anus. Ayurveda has internal and external Piles Treatment. The piles may cause many discomforts and it sometimes bleeds.

How do you know if you have piles?

  • Feeling full in the anus
  • Anal bleeding
  • Itching and burning sensation of the anal region
  • Swelling of the anal
  • Reddishness of anal region
  • Mucus discharge before and after passing out the stools

If you identify any of these symptoms, you must consult the ayurvedic physician immediately for Piles Treatment. Do not ignore the basic symptoms that will result in complications such as anal fistula, continuous pain, scar and more.

What causes piles? Can it affect you?

Piles can affect people of all age group. Due to the recent changes in the food habits and work pressure, people of all age are prone to this condition.

  • Untreated Constipation
  • Straining during defecating
  • Sitting on hard surface for a long duration
  • Poor intake of water
  • Lack of fiber in the food
  • Poor body conditions and lack of exercise
  • Stress and tension
  • Obesity (it increases the pressure on the anal veins and thus causes piles)
  • Untreated diarrhea
  • Eating too much of spicy and salty food

Various other conditions also cause piles. It is necessary to contact the experts to get Piles treatment at the beginning stage so that the discomfort can be reduced in a short span of time. There are different degrees of piles that affects a different person. Ayurveda says that proper Piles treatment can control persistent irritation and improve the bowel movement. It also stops bleeding piles.

Get the right Piles treatment by experts who has great knowledge in treating piles and can suggest you the best treatment that provides immediate results.


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